FARMER TOM's SHOW is so entertaining with incredibly funny songs and stories and his unique audience participation that will inspire kids and grown-ups to join in the fun!

School Programs

   All of Farmer Tom’s programs include Cooperation with and respect for others (Dignity for All Students Act) and supports Learning Standard for English Language Arts & Literacy and Mathematics. 
   All programs activities can be in a standing or sitting position.

Title of Program:

”Life on the Farm” with Farmer Tom - An Educational Celebration with Songs and Stories from the Farm!

Artist / Group: Farmer Tom Walsh
Contact Person: Thomas Walsh
Address: P.O. Box 72, E. Amherst, NY 14051
Phone: 716-400-1755  f

E-Mail: Website:

Program information: Student Grade Level(s) for this educational program: K-6 and family night programs K-6.

Agricultural Awareness

Objectives/Brief Description: Farmer Tom’s presentation is both entertaining and educational taking the listener on a fascinating journey to his child hood on the farm with his program:”Life on the Farm” with Farmer Tom. Within his unique and engaging program, involving Action and Silly Songs, Storytelling, Movement, Laughter, Learning, Sing-a-long, Props, Audience Participation and Hand Clapping, Farmer Tom Walsh educates by bringing a understanding of farm culture, safety, farm animals, history of farming, the first green industry, recycling, science, nutritional value of fresh vegetables, cooperation, working together and the fun of physical activities through music and songs from down on the farm. We really get moving!

   Stickers for each student from the NY Farm Bureau (Based on availability) 

Program for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 1 and 2:

”Life on the Farm” with Farmer Tom - Cooperation with and respect for others

Elementary school program objectives: Cooperation with and respect for others.

-The students will learn participation with others through music and stories by group cooperation, sharing, and working together.

-The students will develop motor skills, movement and rhythm within a group setting.

-The students will acquire a better understanding of social interaction, rules and following instructions together.

-The students will, through listening and comprehension of the materials, develop language, counting, written, and orals skill important for early development.

-The Student will gain knowledge of farming, farm culture, history, the first green industry, recycling, nutritional value of fresh vegetables and the fun of physical activities through music and songs.

-Reinforce curriculum requirement and standards.
Stories include
The World’s Loudest Farm
– Students learn about the farm and the importance of working together and cooperation with others.  We recreate the farm through animal sounds and pretend we are the other quests that arrive to the farm and act out the actions. We will all have some great fun on the farm!
The World’s Largest Strawberry – A story of a family outing in which I go in search of the World’s Largest Strawberry. This story gets very funny and fasts paced, as we count and use simple addition, subtraction and learn the goodness of fruits and vegetable. We will, in addition, learn the importance of following the rules. (Also the World’s largest Apple, Berry, Potato, Garlic, Pumpkin, and the list go on.)

 Songs include:

On a farm (original song) – Students pretend to be, or make the sounds of the different animals on a farm. The kids love this song! We work together.

Five Little Chick-a-Dees – A favorite counting and subtraction game, we played on the farm. Where’s all the Chickadees’?

The Goony Bird – A story and song; as the students pretend to be this funny bird found on my farm we learn about the importance of Reading, Math and Science in the raising of farm animal.

Hop high children- We all skip as if riding a horse, and hop at suggested times in the song. Pretend that you are swinging a lasso during the verse and Jump up every time you sing, "Hooray!" Movement

 Old McDonald had a farm - A classic… And much more! 

Jim along joesy- A singing game from on the farm and we all clap, stomps, and dances at appropriate times.  

Built my lady a fine old barn in a garden - Singing game with advanced body motion to the words of the song.

- When the color is called in the song, the children wearing the color perform the action as we all work together in a group. 

If you’re happy- The song we would sing each morning on the farm and a beloved classic. Cooperation.

Hokey pokey – My own version of this classic song gets the whole crowd moving, young and old alike!And much more!

Program for Grade 1 to 6:
 Garden kits are available upon request and additional cost.

    At the request of the New York Agriculture in the Classroom reading program, Farmer Tom Walsh developed a program for the 2013 National Agriculture Literacy week for Grade 2 with his “Bee’s on the Farm” with Farmer Tom program. Call for details.

 Program for Grade 4, 5, 6:
Corn-Tastic - We learn about the many uses of Corn in today’s world. We learn the science and benefits, to the world, Corn brings and how we can all be the future, through education, of discovery.

 READING Programs for all Grades with Reading on the Farm - Farmer Tom Walsh creates A CELEBRATION OF READING! FARMER TOM has brought reading excitement to student with assemblies for schools, PARP and libraries for over 25 years! Within his unique and engaging program, involving Action and Silly Songs, Storytelling, Movement, Laughter, Learning, Sing-a-long, Props, Audience Participation and Hand Clapping, Tiger Tom Walsh inspires the students to pick up a book or use the internet(with guidance) and see how enriching, educating and entertaining reading can be!

 Assembly area: Farmer Tom Walsh will hang a large backdrop and several large flags with his “life on the Farm” theme behind and in the performance area. Very nice!

 References include:
-Graduate of Canton College School of Agriculture and Technology  

-Approved member of the Arts in Education/ Enrichment programs for Capital Region of Albany NY, Putnam/Northern Westchester B0CES, Greater NY Southern Tier BOCES, Broome-Tioga BOCES, Oswego, Madison-Oneida BOCES, Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES, Dutchess BOCES and more.

-Qualified member of the New York State PARP artist directory.

-School of past programs include: Clarence NY, Depew NY, City of Buffalo NY, Tonawanda NY, Amherst NY, Jamestown NY, Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, Albany NY, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Massachusetts.

“Say the word Great, twice a day”
Farmer Tom Walsh 

Farmer Tom (Tiger Tom Walsh) offers Singing and Storytelling programs for the Elementary school level. Other events have included Assembly programs, Ice Cream Socials, PTA/PTO Events, PARP and other Reading programs, Fun Fairs, Family Night Events and Other Special Celebrations. Invite Farmer Tom Walsh for your end of the year Fun/Field Day. 

Programs with “FARMER TOM” and Singer and Storyteller “Tiger Tom” Walsh include
: “Harvest Time on the Farm”, “Holidays of many cultures on the Farm”, “Christmas on the Farm”, “Winter on the Farm”, “Spring on the Farm”, “Halloween on the Farm”, “Teddy Bear Picnic on the Farm” and “American Songs on the Farm”.

Programs can be created to fit the needs of the classroom or event.
Also; Full day and half day programs available.

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